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Friday, December 9, 2016

Executive Order — Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive (ALIEN) Species

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following Executive Order or decree from the President (dictator) of the U.S. deals with "Invasive Species." The document explicitly defines an Invasive and Non-Native Species as:

(e) ‘Invasive species’ means, with regard to a particular ecosystem, a non-native organism whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm, or harm to human, animal, or plant health.
(f) ‘Non-native species’ or ‘alien species’ means, with respect to a particular ecosystem, an organism, including its seeds, eggs, spores, or other biological material capable of propagating that species, that occurs outside of its natural range.

Corey Goode Update: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweets "We are all in Danger. It is evil itself"

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) With all the talk of Antarctica lately, was Buzz Aldrin's tweet about danger and evil mean something of significance? The tweet was deleted soon after it was posted. This is one data point that may be more meaningful as time goes on. 

Update: I just got word that the tweet may not be authentic. Be advised. 
Dr. Michael Salla Reported that it MAY be fake. - 
"Update: Looks like this may be a fake news tweet after all. No confirmation to date, and problems with missing time stamp and standard formatting for Twitter posts. Need to be very careful with what appears to be a rapid increase in fake news posts"

NASA Censoring Large UFO Near Our Sun? & Giant Ball of Plasma in Norway

Alien Hunters Spot Three Huge Artificial Towers on Mars

And the most intriguing aspect is that all of them are on the same straight line. Too odd to be natural, right?

Earthquake Forecasting Works for Cascadia | S0 News Dec.9.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

Bigger And Uglier Than Pizzagate – The Real Number Of Child Victims Will Shock You

While many have heard the term “Pizzagate” by now, which began with claims that information found on Anthony Weiner’s lap top revealed the existence of a pedophilia ring. From there it snowballed after Wikileaks released the Podesta emails, where references to food, such as “Hot Dogs,” Pizza,” “Cheese,”  and others were  claimed to have been “keyword” references to children and sex.

Bankers Turn Against Each Other, Release “Smoking Gun” Proof Of Massive Market Rigging Scheme

Back in April, when we first reported that Deutsche Bank had agreed to settle allegations it had rigged the silver market in exchange for $38 million, we revealed something stunning: “in a curious twist, the settlement letter revealed that the former members of the manipulation cartel have turned on each other“, and that Deutsche Bank would provide documents implicating other precious metals riggers. To wit: “In addition to valuable monetary consideration, Deutsche Bank has also agreed to provide cooperation to plaintiffs, including the production of instant messages, and other electronic communications, as part of the settlement. In Plaintiff’s estimation, the cooperation to be provided by Deutsche Bank will substantially assist Plaintiffs in the prosecution of their claims against the non-settling defendants.”

Washington Post Appends “Russian Propaganda Fake News” Story, Admits It May Be Fake

Source - Deus Nexus

by Tyler Durden, December 7th 2016

In the latest example why the “mainstream media” is facing a historic crisis of confidence among its readership, facing unprecedented blowback following Craig Timberg November 24 Washington Post story “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say“, on Wednesday a lengthy editor’s note appeared on top of the original article in which the editor not only distances the WaPo from the “experts” quoted in the original article whose “work” served as the basis for the entire article (and which became the most read WaPo story the day it was published) but also admits the Post could not “vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s finding regarding any individual media outlet”, in effect admitting the entire story may have been, drumroll “fake news” and conceding the Bezos-owned publication may have engaged in defamation by smearing numerous websites – Zero Hedge included – with patently false and unsubstantiated allegations.

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