Tuesday, March 28, 2017

House Panel Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

(Greg Robb) A House panel on Tuesday approved legislation that would let a government watchdog audit the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions, a move bitterly opposed by the central bank.

After 500 DC Kids Go Missing in 2017, Police Advise Kids to “Stay Home” to Avoid Sex Trafficking

(Jay Syrmopoulos) After over 500 juveniles were reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of 2017, and a letter signed by several congressional officials requested federal assistance from the Justice Department in investigating the matter, a DC police commander, when asked, “What preventative measures can young people take, specifically so they don’t become a victim of human trafficking?” responded that the best advice for young people was to — “Stay home, it’s as simple as that.”

False Flag Alert | Another DHS “Exercise” Planned: The Risk of Terrorism Drills Becoming Reality

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) It is likely not a coincidence that Congress put forward a bill “[t]o require an exercise related to terrorist and foreign fighter travel,” five days after the 40-day season of sacrifice began on the 22nd of March. As the below article details, there have been many psychological warfare operations initiated while an "exercise" for the same scenario was taking place. This could be an indication of impending false flag attacks slated for the coming weeks and months.

- Justin

(The Daily Bell) If government had the citizens best interests at heart, we wouldn’t have to worry when they planned an exercise for our safety. In fact, it would be a good thing, if we could trust the government, that they were training so hard to keep us safe in the event of an emergency.

The Mystery of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Giant Antarctic Snow Cruiser

(UFO Sightings Hot Spot) Imagine an enormous 45,000 pound vehicle (length 17.0 meters - width 6.06 meters) with giant tires of 1,900 pounds each (height wheels retracted 3.7 meters – height wheels extended 4.9 meters) and powered by two 200-hp diesel engines. On top of that it carries a Navy pursuit plane and it drives over the South Pole’s icy wastelands.

WTF Is Happening on Capitol Hill? Paul Ryan's Secret Meeting and FBI and NSA Directors Go AWOL (Video)

Putin Bans U.S. Adoption Of Russian Orphans Due To Pedophile Epidemic

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) What's interesting about this story is that Putin actually called for a US adoption ban back in December 2012. Is it possible he was aware of the deplorable pedophilia problem in the US back then? According to some sources, Putin is one of the most well informed of the world leaders and is allegedly working for an alliance seeking to put an end to the insanity of the pedophilia prone elites. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. 

- Justin

Related Vladimir Putin: Pedophilia Is Essentially Satanic

SourceAscension With Earth

by Baxter Dmitry, March 24th, 2017

Vladimir Putin has issued an immediate ban on U.S. adults adopting Russian children over fears for the safety of the children due to the pedophilia epidemic plaguing the United States.

Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Electric News | S0 News Mar.28.2017 - Suspicious0bservers

Mysterious Triangle “UFO” Monitored Nuclear Facility, Newly Released Documents Show

(Micah HanksFor a number of years, reports of unusual, silent moving, triangular-shaped aircraft have presented a recurring motif in UFO lore. Reports of such aircraft have helped foment a number of responses from the public, which range from notions of “alien visitation”, to the more down-to-Earth (and frankly, the more likely) idea that secret military aircraft operate in our skies, representative of “black projects” that fall well beyond public knowledge.

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