Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wisdom Teachings and the Karmic Influences of Pyramid Energy – Discussing the Aetheric Effects of Pyramid Energy with David Wilcock

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 26th 2016

What is Ascension? We have heard of this term used in numerous places, in numerous contexts, and with multiple ideas attached to it. But what does it truly mean? What are its origins and how do we ensure that we are doing our due diligence to attain it?

This article is somewhat of a continuation of the topics discussed in the Wisdom Teachings episode entitled, “Build your own Pyramid,” and features some of the most interesting and astounding effects of pyramid technology. These topics get to the bottom of at least one aspect of the ascension process and gives clues as to how we can accelerate our own journey of evolution.

Artificial Structure Spotted on Mars Satellite Images that Resembles Japanese Tomb | Evidence of an Extraterrestrial Civilization on Mars?

Do you see the similarities between the two? Pareidolia… or are UFO hunters onto something?

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The above image of the surface of Mars (left) is a structure with clear rectilinear geometry or artificial signatures. This structure is suggestive of an unnatural formation that is typically attributed to intelligence, like human beings. But in this case, the configuration also looks similar to a tomb from ancient Japan. 

Could this be more evidence that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent race of beings as some have suggested?

Solar Storm Heading Towards Earth Threatening to Break Your TV and Mobile phones -- Just the Beginning

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following article is meant for educational purposes regarding an expected solar storm and resulting effects on Earth, not to fear monger about the potential loss of technology—although that is a possibility.

Solar energy plays a critical role in life on Earth, including human beings and of course the technology used in society today—all of which is very sensitive to changes in the Earth's magnetic field induced by high-intensity solar wind. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gaia Portal -- September 28th 2016: Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed | with Interpretations by Justin

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black. For other interpretations of these reports see Rosalie Parker and Kauilapele. 

Source - Gaia Portal

Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed.

Night missions are completed.

Messianics are released.

Fluorescents ignite the show.
And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: "Standard bearings are inspected and cleansed." - The term standard refers to a level or quality of something, whether in reference to production or the finished product. A standard of living refers to the quality of one's living conditions. A standard way of boiling water for tea is to place a kettle on the stove. The term bearing refers to a persons way of standing or the relation or relevance of one thing to another. Often the term bearing is used to describe what affect one thing has on another. If a person has lost their bearings it this would mean they have lost their sense of direction, they have lost consciousness as to where their present position is in relation to another location. Bearings refers to relationships, which within the mind are known as meanings or definitions. When definitions change, relationships of meaning are altered, which affects perception.

Mandela Effect -- September 29th, 6pm PST (9pm EST) Guest Dr. Blair Reich | Hosted by Yvonne Palermo and Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be co-hosting a radio show on Thursday the 29th of September with Yvonne Palermo on the Mandela Effect, joined by our guest Dr. Blair Reich

The stock market is 70% overvalued ... crash now inevitable

Source - Natural News

by J. D. Heyes, September 27th 2016

Author Charles Dickens' classic, A Tale of Two Cities, begins this way: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness ... ."

According to one stock market analytical firm, GMO, today's market behavior resembles Dickens' book, which was published in 1859 and was set during the time of the French Revolution some seven decades earlier.

Wisdom Teachings and the Practicals of Pyramid Science - A Breakdown of the Studies of David Wilcock - Learning the Specifics of How to Jump-start the Light-Body

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 18th 2016

As human beings, we can grow accustomed to a certain way of life. As we progress through our lives, we develop habits and normal routine activities that we consider preferable and beneficial in one way or another. However, once in a while, something comes along and changes our perspective entirely.

Major Extragalactic X-ray Forecast, Space Weather | S0 News Sep.28.2016 - Suspicious0bservers

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